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Ecounters With AnimalsSynopsis

Because of the long-standing focus on sin and redemption, Christians often neglect God’s desire for us to be in loving relationship with Him, with our neighbors near and far, and with animals as fellow creatures.

In a collection of essays, retired pastor Barbara Linder describes the surprising encounters she has had with nine animals-dogs, snakes, squirrels, spiders, bears, eagles, songbirds, elk, and monarch butterflies-while sharing what she experienced during each encounter, what the animal has symbolized in some cultures, and what we can learn from the animals.

Included are suggestions for how to compassionately co-exist with our fellow creatures, introspective questions designed to inspire reflection, applicable scripture, and encouragement to spend more time outdoors to sit in silence to become aware of the animals that help us, in their own way, to grow personally and spiritually.

Encounters with Animals shares personal essays from a retired pastor about her encounters with wildlife and what she has learned from each of them to grow personally and spiritually.

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Animals have often been considered second-class citizens by philosophers, religions and societies as a whole. Yet we can learn to be kinder, more humane, human beings by learning from animals. In her book, Encounters with Animals, author Barbara Linder observes our furred, feathered, scaled, and many-legged companions in a way that transcends their traditional purpose in our society; for example, as pets to us or as meat for our consumption. Linder teaches us how the Sioux considered animals their relations, and how Saint Francis of Assisi named them his brothers and sisters. It’s with this same mindset that Linder wrote Encounters with Animals and how you will come to think by the time your finish her beautiful book.

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Barbara Linder earned her masters and doctorate degree from the University of Denver where she also served as Assistant Dean of Women. She was later Dean of Women and taught at Idaho State University.

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